Pindrop solutions identify fraudsters based on anomalies in their calls, allowing us to detect spoofing, forwarding, suspicious call origins, and other indications of fraud.
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Telecommunications: The Threat Landscape

Join Pindrop’s VP of Research, Matt Garland, for a webinar where he will break down the types of attacks facing telecommunications organizations. Find out what techniques criminals are using to steal your service or your customers’ private information. You will learn what strategies top US telco service providers are using to detect fraud and authenticate customers.
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2015 Phone Fraud Report

Pindrop Security reviewed phone fraud activity affecting financial institutions, retailers, and consumers between 2014-2015 to understand the frequency of attacks and the potential consequences of fraud. This report provides a unique view into the risk facing call centers and international consumers.
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Webinar: Fighting Phone Fraud at Credit Unions

Did you know that credit union member information sells for more on the black market than regular banking customer information? Attackers see credit unions as an easy target, especially for phone channel based attacks. What can your organization do to protect your members from attack?
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Pindrop Security. Phone Fraud Stops Here.

Anti-fraud and Authentication solutions for enterprise call centers.




Stop Fraud Now with Pindrop

Pindrop technology integrates seamlessly into your infrastructure with a wide variety of deployment options.


Pindrop can be easily deployed with no disruption to your existing call center processes or your customers. Our customers quickly achieve fraud capture rates of 80%+, including capturing fraudsters that had gone previously undetected.


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