Call Forward Protection

Real-time detection of forwarded calls

Comprehensive Phone Redirection Solutions For Financial Call Centers

Two-factor authentication is widely deployed across financial institutions to verify customers and prevent identity theft and fraud. One of the most popular methods is to use an outbound phone call to provide out-of-band verification of the customer. This can be done automatically, which is easier for customers and cheaper for banks. Unfortunately, the integrity of these systems is at risk due to fraudster attacks that cause the phone to be redirected, typically through call forwarding. Pindrop Security’s Call Forward Protection provides the security needed to use phone-based out-of-band verification with confidence.

We can integrate with your existing out-of-band verification solution or can stand alone to provide a complete solution. Pindrop will detect if the call has been forwarded, redirected or otherwise hijacked, and we are the only solution available that will detect deception at the time of enrollment, allowing you to monitor or shut down the attacker well before the fraud occurs. Pindrop Security Call Forward Protection puts the trust back in the phone.

What Does Call Forward Protection Provide?

  • Cloud-based, automated enrollment and verification of callers.
  • Real-time detection of forwarded calls.
  • Detection of fraudulent enrollments via phone number reputation checking and audio analysis for anomalous characteristics.

How Do Financial Institutions Use Call Forward Protection?

Automated transactions are easy and inexpensive for banks to offer and improves the customer’s experience. Vulnerability to call forward attacks during the out-of-band verification step has been the primary downside to their deployment.

Call Forward Protection allows institutions to determine in real-time if the call has been forwarded and delay or stop the transaction by authenticating legitimate, enrolled customers in an easy, automated fashion.

How do I deploy Call Forward Protection?

Call Forward Protection is deployed via the cloud, and seamlessly integrates into either your existing out-of-band verification system or acts as a stand-alone system by simply directing your system to Pindrop’s systems.

How Accurate Is The Pindrop Technology?

Pindrop’s solution is based on our ground-breaking PhoneprintingTM technology. Every call is broken down and analyzed for over 147 (and growing) characteristics to form a unique phone fingerprint for the call. With extremely high accuracy, Pindrop is able to authenticate the identity of a caller by matching the initial enrollment phone print to the phone print obtained at the time of the out-of-band call.

While this information alone is enough to verify identity, we go further by checking on enrollment that the phone number or phone device does not belong to a fraud ring or repeat fraudster. Typically, a fraudster will have a large number of phone numbers and will have targeted many institutions. This information is reported as well, to assist fraud and incident response teams.

What Fraud Checks are done?

  • ANI reputation
  • Caller location
  • Caller device type
  • Phone print match

When are Fraud Checks done?

  • Enrollment
  • Each transfer request

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