Phone Fraud detection and call center authentication solutions

“Pindrop shows us fraud that we missed and predicts attacks before they hit us.”
-Fraud Manager, Top 5 Bank

Detect and Block Phone Fraud in Your Call Centers

Pindrop Security provides a comprehensive solution to detect and block fraudulent calls into financial institutions. Our breakthrough acoustic analysis technology analyzes live or recorded call audio to determine caller location and calling device type. The technology creates a unique acoustic “fingerprint” that identifies each caller and can link them to other malicious activity – even if done using different phone numbers. Pindrop Security is helping financial institutions fight back against phone fraud.

How Does Pindrop Technology Work?

Pindrop’s breakthrough acoustic analysis technology breaks down over 140 audio characteristics of each call. Location of the caller and the type of device being used to originate the call  (VoIP, Cell, Land) are pinpointed with over 90% accuracy.

The analysis goes further by producing a unique acoustic fingerprint, which is compared to our fraud database to determine whether the caller is associated with fraud rings or has a past history of fraud.

How Do Financial Institutions use Pindrop Security Technology?

Financial companies are under constant attack by fraudsters using the phone channel (29% increase in the first 6 months of 2012). Attacks are made against call center representatives, IVR systems and customers both solely through the phone and in combination with in-person and online channels.

Pindrop Security’s comprehensive solutions protect your entire enterprise. Highly targeted areas include:

  • New Accounts – Detect the fraudsters when they set up accounts to capture funds.
  • Live Call Center – Determine high-risk calls and reroute out of your call center to let your call center reps focus on customer service and your fraud pros focus on nailing fraudsters.
  • Call Store – Analyzing calls when they arrive in the call store still provides enough time to halt a financial transaction – and it’s very easy to deploy.
  • IVR – Detect fraudsters as they attempt to manipulate accounts through automated systems.
  • Call Forwards – Online systems use the phone channel to do additional verification for transactions such as wire transfers. Detect when the phone number on the account has been forwarded, a common tactic.
  • Traffic Pumping – Attackers can even make money by calling you and saying nothing. Stop them before the big phone bill arrives.

How Are Pindrop Security Solutions Deployed?

  • Portal – Access phone number history, background information and risk scores, analyze calls and track trends.
  • API – Integrate with your applications for automated lookup of phone number reputation scores.
  • Appliance – Deploy in your network for high-volume, high-performance analysis of live and recorded calls.
  • Mobile – Protect users of mobile phones against fraudsters.

Learn more about our Phone Reputation Service (PRS), which provides risk scores based on phone numbers.

Learn more about our Fraud Detection System (FDS), which analyzes call audio to detect fraud and to provide call center authentication.

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