As tax season begins, the IRS Phone Scam observed in years past, is surging. Aggressive phone calls by criminals impersonating IRS agents remain a serious and ongoing threat to taxpayers, as scam artists threaten police arrest, deportation, and license revocation. It remains at the top of the IRS’s official “Dirty Dozen” tax scam warnings for 2015, and was recently ranked #3 on the FTC’s list of top 10 consumer complaints. Read a complete breakdown of the scam here.

As the scam increases in popularity, fraudsters are finding ways to increase efficiency. While last year’s iteration of the scam seemed to target elderly and immigrant populations, in this years version of the scam fraudsters are relying on auto-dialers, robocalling, and voice mail messages to hit as many taxpayers as possible.

Pindrop has obtained a recording of one of these fraudulent voice mails.


Hi, this message is for Sarah Sol. Ms. Sarah, this is Marco Vincent calling you from IRS, Internal Revenue Service. Right now, you hang up the phone call. That means you are intentionally fraud with the IRS. And, we need to call [inaudible 00:00:17] that calling into the courthouse and again [inaudible 00:00:18]. Because you are intentionally fraud with the IRS. You do not follow the terms and conditions, so at this point of time, I would think about that you are intentionally fraud with the IRS. That’s the reason we start the legal action against you. So, this first and last call for you, Ms. Sarah. We need to resolve this case immediately. Call me back on my callback number, it’s (703) 828-0306. Again, this is Marco Vincent. Goodbye, and take care.

These methods are effective because they weed out people who know the scam is not real. Those people who return a voicemail or robocall have self-selected as particularly vulnerable to the scam. Fraudsters then do not have to waste time on the phone, trying to convince a target that they are real. They can get straight to the extortion.

The IRS will never make initial contact with you over the phone – only through certified mail. If you do receive one of these voicemails, there are two steps you can take to report the fraud:

  • Report the incident to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) at 1.800.366.4484 or at http://www.tigta.gov.
  • File a complaint using the FTC Complaint Assistant; choose “Other” and then “Imposter Scams.” If the complaint involves someone impersonating the IRS, include the words “IRS Telephone Scam” in the notes.

54 Responses to Did the IRS Leave You a Voicemail?

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  4. Misty Sanders

    I just got a call from these scammers 914-940-6592 “officer” Nicky Johnson. States needs me or my retained attorney to return the call and it is extremely urgent. It sounds like she is using some sort of voice changer. Thankfully I know better then to fall for this, the first thing I did was google IRS voicemails, and found this warning (website)!

    • Same here, the supposed Internal Revenue Service Officer First Left me a Voicemail (via Robocall) stating that it was an urgent matter in regards to the IRS and then left me a case number.

    • Simone

      I got the same thing. They threatened to get my license suspended and to put out a warrant for my arrest, because I told him I believe it’s a scam and that I was going to call the IRS number and my tax attorney and find out more information.

      • Becky Atkins

        The same thing happened to me! I told him I thought it was a scam and that the IRS would have sent me something in the mail. He threatened that officers from police department would come and arrest me. They want over $7800.00 I laughed. I said I would call the IRS and find out and they hung up.

    • Vanessa

      I got the same message. That the IRS was suing m over a matter. Guess it’s a scam. message was left in february. The number is inactive.

      • Letitia Meheula

        I just received an automated message
        Saying “you’re receiving call from IRS, is to inform you,there is legal
        Action filed against you in your name, & under you SS#, so before we take action against you, please return the call at (818)488-7411,I repeat,(#),dont try to disregard this message, & do return the call.If you dont return call, or if I dont hear from your attorney either of the situation, unfolds on you, thank you, & have a blessed day.” It didnt even speak properly through the automated

  5. Brandon

    Got a call from a James Olson (clearly very foreign over the phone) saying that I must pay today or there will be a warrant issued for me. They used 1-360-968-7240. He was very pushy and rushing.

  6. Ester

    These dirty birds keep calling me. I can barely understand them. I called them back 17 times trying to get information out of them and to please take me off of the freaking calling list. They have my cell phone number and call every other day telling me I didn’t pay my taxes from, they always have a different time frame. They said there is a warrant out for my arrest and that I need to make a payment at the courthouse for $14k! I’m sick and tired of this BS and it’s sad there’s no way to stop it. They just keep calling and calling and I just keep ignoring and ignoring. It got to me today, I flipped!

  7. Courtney J

    I got a call from +1 (518) 965-8253
    Hudson, NY
    June 28, 2016 at 9:01:44 AM
    That was clearly fraud. This is a different number and second time this has happened to me.

  8. brandon curtis

    i got a call from a restricted number it was a robocaller trying to say call in the next 24 hours to resolve IRS tax debt or local officers would be picking me up i had a feeling this was a scam i had heard before that the IRS does not call you i googled it to be sure and found this site

  9. Tracye

    Got a call and voice mail left saying it was the IRS and if I did not want to be arrested I needed to call this # 202-239-1589 immediately

  10. s gaston

    I received a call from these type of ppl.. a robotic v-mail stating if I don’t contact them soon they wish me luck in my case..I’m glad I Google it to see if it was a scam or not because I know I pay my taxes every year also never late..wth!!?

  11. Neil

    I got a call from this # 619-649-8749 on Wednesday, July 20, 2016 at 1:30pm saying in a Middle Eastern accent that they were the IRS and that there was some suspicious tax filing from 2009 thru 2015 and that the IRS is has filed a criminal lawsuit against me. And he wanted me to get paper and a pen to write down his badge ID and case number. When I said “Wait the IRS doesn’t call people!?” Then they hung up. Now I called back thinking the # would be not working… They answered… Then hung up. I called back to ask why they were scamming people and they hung up until 1:46pm when one of the guys said “We need money.” and I answered “Shit we all need money but this ain’t the way about it.” Where the guy goes on to say “Give me $3000” and I say “Hell No, ask Allah for $3000!” then he says “If you dont, I’ll shoot you.” where I say “Dont what you get to do Raj.” then I hung up. They have been calling me from different #s ((302)922-5127,(443)388-8202, 696666962,(614)335-9584) and then today from a Washington DC #(202) 558-6680 where they left a automatic voicemail message about a Lawsuit against me that there isn’t one existing.

  12. Garry G

    On July 23rd I received a call from (202) 558*2378 saying he is from the legal dept. from the IRS and it was a robotic voice telling me that there is a lawsuit filed against me. And that time is of the essence it said that if I don’t call back or my attorney it wished me the best of luck. I am a Native American (Mohawk from the Iroquois Nation, in upper State New York.)

  13. Felicia Steadmon

    I just got A call from a robotic voice on my voicemail saying I must contact them because of tax fraud. @ 202-558-6680.

  14. Grant Carlson

    got 7 calls and 3 voice-mails in 4 hours on July 29, 2016 from Daniel Wiggams of the IRS calling me from 202-846-2237 about a criminal case TF93271, call him direct at 202-558-2387 or I will be arrested.

  15. Harris Craft

    Begin an engineer has is own perks –
    I did get the same annoying message – guy pretending to be IRS/Treasury Department official and want me to call back so I can settle my debt.
    I did google and search for IRS/Treasury Dept CO number – number doesn’t match (it has scam written all over it)
    I did call them (what!, Yes I did call them back, with block #) and I played their recorded message without saying a word to them…they hang up the phone.
    I am going to use free VoIP service put their number on the loop and continue to play their message over and over again.. 🙂 If they going to block the number – I’ll have my program to regenerate new number after every other call…

    So don’t f*** with engineers!

    • Sharon T

      Yay….I’m not an engineer, I’m just irritated by the calls interrupting my Olympic Games viewing experience (two calls in the past 2 hours). I know it’s a scam so I don’t answer the phone but am pleased to see someone knows how to turn the tables. Good on ya!

  16. Katrina

    Calling you from criminal investigation Department and the reason for this call is to make you aware that we have received a criminal case filed against you and your social security number from Washington DC Court House and internal revenue services. So the very second you receive this call. You need to call crime and investigation officer with IRS. MR Victor song and ask for your case details. His number goes down 2-202-864-0894. I repeat it’s 202-864-0894. If you do not return the call. We will have to proceed with your arrest warrant by the end of the day. Goodbye and have a nice

    • Katrina

      Getting threats telling me they are taking me to jail. Sounds legit and scary . Called IRS waited on hold 4 hours and they say everything is OK and if they have any personal information to file a claim on irs about the scam .. please report it and don’t give any of your information out

  17. Kimberly Sauter

    I got a message today from 626-840-7942.
    Said they were the IRS and they were filing charges against me and I was going to prison etc.

    I called the number back and there was just white noise. Nobody was there.

    Am I at risk for just calling the number? I did not give out any personal informatioin

  18. L. K. N.

    Got a call from phone number 385-243-2002 with a robotic voice claiming I had committed tax fraud and to call back. Felt like a scam. This website confirms so for me.

  19. Kevin

    800-902-4788 I received a recorded voice mail from this number. “Internal revenue services the reason of this call is to inform you that IRS is filing lawsuit against you to get more information about this case file, please call immediately on our department number 8009024788 I repeat 8009024788 thank you.”

    • Kevin

      When I called the number, the guy that answered sounded EXACTLY like the guy in the recording above. He asked me what number I was called on, and when I said I did not know, he hung up.

  20. moe

    i got a call from 800-902-4788 saying i had a law suit filed towards me from the IRS. the recoding was choppy and very robotic sounded too fake looked it up and others are getting the same thing FRUAD ALERT!!

  21. Venus

    Same thing has been happening to me as well.Isnt there anyway to stop these people?I call them back and act like I’m going to the Dollar General and soon as we reach the climax to pay Bam I hit em with the It’s a Scam! But they still call back.

  22. C

    I got two separate robocalls one from an LA number 213-716-2898 and one from North Carolina 910-713-4196. Both saying the irs has followed a law suit, final call and to call them back

  23. Mari Delacruz

    Another attempt to extort from a supposed IRS agent
    Beware call came from 337 7183461
    Such a bad attempt to rob from taxpayers!

  24. Quaoar

    Received two calls today from 914-214-7877. A voicemail is left claiming the IRS has filed a lawsuit against me, and to call another number for more information. Since I’m not an idiot, I didn’t bother to follow up with the second number because I know it’s a scam! Beware of the aforementioned number, folks.

  25. Tracy Hanrahan kent

    I was just called from a recorded line a recorded voice said I need ed to call the irs about my tax debt I call and was told that 5he local authorities were being contacted to handle the Warrent for my arrest if I did not pay 4,200 for the years,2008 true 2010 I explained that I am at home with nursing and have been since 2024 he told me that my husband must have done it I told him my husband died in 2010 I’m scared 5o death o have no family and 2 kids and there is nobody to take them

  26. Jacob Y.

    I got a voicemail saying that the IRS is filing a lawsuit. There was no name given, it was simply just a robotic message with no further info. Please tell me if this message is fake or real. I am only 13 years old, and i got this call, so if this was a scam, which I am 90% sure it is, please reply.

  27. US Consumer

    I just received a call about 15 minutes ago from 1 (202) 506-9412
    Washington, DC. To probe this callers intentions I called back and the Rep asked me for my full name in a thick East Indian accent. I argued and told him they called me so use my phone number from the caller id. He told me that “he didn’t want to talk to me”. When I told him that the IRS usually sends written notification he wanted to get off the phone.

  28. MLG

    I got a call today at 9:03 am from 802-458-2395 claiming to be from the IRS and that I was being sued for Tax Fraud when I disconnected the call I was immediately called back from a number showing up as all 0’s demanding to know why I hung up and how I intended to pay the 7k they claimed I owed.

  29. Anita

    When they call me… “I cuss them the f*** out” letting them know in no uncertain terms don’t call me with no bullish! I work too hard for mine! Of course they hang up right away. Then I make sure I call back and give it to whom ever answers ALL OVER AGAIN! No, it doesn’t stop the calls though. Just gives me an outlet for some of this pentup anger & hostility. ?

  30. Monica Tannehill

    646-760-5608 I’ve received 2 calls.upon realizing that they are a fraud I have continued calling them back for 4 hours now so they cannot use their phone. Now he’s yelling STOP CALLING ME. LOL

  31. Mary

    I have been receiving these calls almost every day for about two weeks now. Two phone numbers, and the voicemails say “if I don’t hear back from you or your attorney immediately I can only wish you luck as this situation totally unfolds on you” I know its a scam, but the constant almost threat like voicemails are making me kind of uncomfortable. One time I finally called back, a guy answered and when I asked him to take me off his call list he said “I will not because I want to scam you, I am very smart.” I just hung up I was shocked he would even say that.

  32. JM

    786-83-5382 from Miami Florida. A man with an Indian ( as in New Dehli) told me to hire an atty and go to the courthouse. I told him I was an atty and he hung up.

  33. Yogendra Rao

    213-359-4029 / 202-239-2215 – Recd called these numbers and they were saying that IRS has filed a criminal lawsuit against me, and that I will be arrested. 2 options … 1 is to get the attorney to fight for you or another is do out of court settlement. Asked me to pay more than $2500 as outstanding amount. I asked for few hours to arrange money and started investigating online for these numbers. Now I understand they are fake. They are trying to call my cell.

  34. 7038798780

    Just got a call… recorded message… indicating they found that I submitted fraudulent documents with my tax return and that I need to call back the same number the recorded message was calling me from.703-879-8780 Hopefully this will help others who google this number. It’s a scam. Don’t be fooled.

  35. Alicia

    It feels so good to know that I am not out here alone- in fact there is a whole party of us here!! Mine was a robot caller and it just sounds so creepy. Feeling so much better at this moment

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